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Question What is the web address (URL) for the KTM owners club? Does it exist?
The URL I have for the KTM club in North America doesn't work anymore. I do not know what has happened to that web site. Maybe one of our readers can give us an answer. Does anyone know of a KTM club outside of North America. In the meantime the Penton club web site is still okay. It is at
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Question Where can I get a piston for my 1978 KTM 250. I have tried UK dealers, Mahle and KTM. The part number is 55300007200. This is first size (.20) over.
We started the search with one of the oldest third party manufacturer of pistons for MX bikes, Wiseco. Wiseco did make pistons for the KTM 250. The piston was a common design from 1977 - 1982. Wiseco had stopped mfg of the part in 1985 but the were able to supply the part number required. The Wiseco part number was 416P2 (2=.2 over) and the 2815LC ring set. Wiseco parts were distributed worldwide so some old stock may be found in the UK.

Since KTMs were known as Pentons in North America until 1978 we decided to check the parts sources documented by the Penton Owners Club. A number of parts sources are listed on the web at We contacted John Fischer at Fischer Competition Cycle. John has been in the business for over 40 years and has a good stock of OEM parts for KTM/Pentons. John has a Wiseco 416P4 piston and ring set. This is a second over unit but if it is all that is available you will have to bore the cylinder to match. Fischer Competition can be contacted at:
Fischer Competition Cycle
744 Pittsburgh Road
Butler, PA
USA 16001
Phone 724-596-7383
Fax     412-781-6309
John also has parts for Sachs/Hercules, Husqvarna, Hodaka and Can Am Motorcycles.

We also asked H&H KTM to check KTM USA for availability of the 1st over factory piston set (Pn: We will update the answer once we get a confirmation of the parts availability from H&H.H&H can be contacted at

The MotoXmuseum also received the following email from Reinhard Schrem at S.D.I. Motorradtechnik. I saw on your web site that someone is looking for a KTM piston from 1978. The part number he requested is from a 400 model, not a 250. The 250 has the bore 71, the 400 80,81 or 82. If this person still needs such a piston, I can deliver new 250 and 400 pistons. Cost about 250-300$ plus delivery costs. They are original KTM. My E-mail is

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