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Yamaha 1978 YZ125E

Starting Frame No./Starting Engine No.: 2K6-000101
Engine Oil Capacity:

600-700cc (refill) 700-800cc (Overhaul)

Engine Oil Type:

SAE10W/30 "SE" Motor Oil

Front Fork Oil Capacity: 283cc
Front Fork Oil Level: 181mm (7.1in)
Front Fork Oil: SAE 10W, 20W
Front Fork Standard Air Pressure: 0.98kg/cm2 (13.9psi)
Rear Shock Oil Capacity: NA
Reat Shock Oil: NA
Spark Plug: Champion N-59G
Spark Plug Gap: 6.0mm (0.24in)
Igintion Point Gap: NA
Ignition Timing (B.T.D.C.): 1.2mm +/- 0.15mm (0.047in +/- 0.006in)
Ignition Timing Method:
Chain Free Play: 55-60mm (2.16 - 2.38in)
Main Jet: #280
Air Jet: 2.0
Jet Needle-Clip Position: 6F22-3
Needle Jet: P-8
Cutaway: 3.0
Pilot Jet: #60
Starter Jet: 80
Air Screw Turns Out: 1-3/4
Float Level: 23.5mm (0.925in)
Idle RPM: NA

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