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Welcome to our new home. The MotoXmuseum has a new web hosting company and we have now moved all the web pages. The new hosting deal provides 500MBs of storage vs. our previous 50MBs. The 500MBs of storage will now allow us to publish more information.

The first use of all the new storage space is an update to the MX bike model specifications, maintenance information and service data. The first update has the model data on about 30 different models of Yamaha MX bikes. Updates will be happening regularly over the next several months with the goal to have all the information currently in the MotoXmuseum library published by Christmas. If you would like to see an example of what the MX Bike Information is click on the following:

                Model Specifications             Maintenance Info             Service Data

All of the information is now being entered into a database and then individual model data is output in HTML for publishing on the web. Having all the information in the database will allow searching for specific information, such as which MX bikes used a 70mm bore and piston port induction. While currently there are no plans to allow direct access to the database, readers can email in specific information requests and the database report can be sent back via email. 

The next set of information to be published on the web site will be the race results for the AMA pro races starting at 1970. The MotoXmuseum will publish the complete race results for each race, not just the top 5 or 10 finishers. This information is already in database form thanks to the efforts of the AMA.

The MotoXmuseum would like to congratulate Robert Shafer and Bob Anderson, winners of this years BasketCase 500. More information on the event and winners is available in the BasketCase 500 section. Check it out and start planning for next years event.

Again this September the MotoXmuseum will traveling to Southern California to document more motocross history. This year we will be spending time with Gary Jones and his father documenting Gary's three consecutive AMA championships; won with three different manufacturers. The interview with Gary will also be part of the MotoXmuseum's efforts to document the history of Can Am motorcycles.

The MotoXmuseum would like to thank all those who have sent in material. A special note to Frank Boucher for the early Carabela brochures.

Until the next edition, thank you and keep it WFO.

Paul Parkinson

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