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Well you can now color me green. I was fortunate to spend 4 days with Chevy Trucks Team Kawasaki the last week of September cleaning up, photographing and documenting Kawasaki’s Championship winning MX bikes. This was all made possible through the generosity and patience of the whole race team and in particular Norm Bigelow. This month's "I WAS THERE" has photos of some of Kawasaki's championship winning bikes. The MotoXmuseum is working on documenting the MX history of Kawasaki and plans are to have the project completed in 2002. Plans are also underway to document the history of the other MX manufacturers and some significant privateer race teams before 2005.

The trip to visit Kawasaki started with doing the race coverage of the Sept. 23 Glen Helen National MX race for Vintage Views. The Glen Helen Race report article contains our report on the race, bikes in the pits and other fun information. 

The final weekend of my trip was spent in Yakima, Washington with Jim Pomeroy. Jim was gracious enough to all me to stay with him so I could interview him and record all his race stories. Jim also has a huge collection of photographs, articles and other memorabilia from his career which he allowed the MotoXmuseum to capture. Jim has been inducted into the AMA Museum Hall of Fame and one of the goals of the trip was to write his profile for the AMA Museum website.  Jim is a prolific story teller and pack rat. The visit resulted in 3 hours of taped stories and over 2.5GB of pictures. (And Jim still wasn’t lost for words or boxes to go through.) Watch for an profile of Jim Pomeroy next month and more stories and photos in the Vintage Days West edition next year. Jim will be the Grand Marshal for next years Vintage Days events, which celebrate Spanish motorcycles.

I would also like to offer up a big thanks to all the people who sent in questions concerning the BasketCase 500. Congratulations to Scott Anderson for being the first official entrant. Check out Scott’s basketcase TM250 in the news part of the BasketCase 500 section. However all of the questions so far have come from riders in the Central and East coast regions. The MotoXmuseum is looking for indications of interest from West coast riders so a decision can be made if there will be a BasketCase 500 event at Vintage West 2002. SO come on all you West coast people, get involved. The BasketCase 500 section has been expanded to include a Question and Answer section. As well the rules section has been expanded and now includes an example of the documentation required to prove the total costs. Please continue to email in your questions .The final rules will be released in November.

This edition of the website also marks the debut of Project Carabela. Project Carabela is the first of project articles we will be doing as part of the regular web site. Project Carabela is our Spanish motorcycle project for the 2002 Vintage Days, which will feature Spanish motorcycles.

Well fall is here and the home renovation season is almost over. My house is half painted (the sides you see from the street) and my wife’s bathroom is finished. Riding season will end soon for this part of the Northeast and I will have recorded three laps this year. Not to despair as this makes it easier to improve for next year. Hopefully winter will bring more time to write articles, finish interviews and do some more work on the project bikes. So stay tuned and as always please subscribe. This will allow you to be updated by email when the website gets updated.

Thank you and keep it WFO.

Paul Parkinson

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