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"TIME CRUNCH" The phenomena that occurs when you have more tasks and deadlines than you can support. The result is a feeling of everything closing in on you and exasperation in not being able to complete tasks as desired.

The last several months have been a big time crunch for us at the MotoXcross Museum. The bill paying part of our life has really expanded since March and in fact is enough to over run our lives on it's own. All this is a long way of saying we have had to take the material planned for June and make a June/July issue. As well we have not included the interviews with Jaroslav Falta and Zdenek Polanka in this issue. The article on the history of Czechoslovakian MX is also not in this issue. The interviews and article will be published shortly. The material is too interesting not to publish.

So welcome to the Vintage Days West edition. Late but better than never. We have added an article on Vintage Days West 2001. And just in time for Vintage Days at Mid-Ohio. And we will be at Vintage Days again to meet with our readers, cruise the swap meet for parts and future projects plus collect some more manuals and brochures to help everyone's restoration efforts.

I am happy to say that the initial response to the "ASK THE EXPERT" feature has been very positive. The initial question was answered within a week and resulted in the location of the required part. We are happy to say another MX restoration project is again moving towards completion. Check it out.

A big thank you to all those readers who sent in subscription emails. Help us make it easier to keep you updated on our erratic schedule by clicking on the subscribe button and subscribe. Subscribing will allow you to receive notification of updates to the web site. As well, in the future the monthly issues will be formatted and sent out as a newsletter instead of being web based. It is free to subscribe, so please do it today.

For those following the saga of my personal efforts to get on the race track, I am happy to announce I made it to the local track for some practice. I made one lap on the 78 Husky 125 and had to stop. Oh my wife was right. My arms hurt. Of course it didn't help that the local track is all sand and designed very much in the mold of a Supercross track, not a real MX track. I did make 3 laps before crashing. A beautiful front wheel wash out in the most visible section of the track left me giving joy rides to my kids and then heading home. Yes I am training hard to improve. I am doing beer case arm lifts to improve my upper body strength. And it is working; every day the beer cases are easier to lift. Of course I am working hard so I have a couple of beers after each session. It seems to give me more strength the next day.

As always, we are very interested in feedback from our readers. We continue to receive many favorable comments. Enjoy your racing and time with fellow riders. Talk to you next month.

Thank you and keep it WFO.

Paul Parkinson

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