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WFO. That continues to be the situation here at MotoXcross Museum. Spring is here and none of the bikes are ready to race. Not to worry says my wife; your body doesn’t look ready either. Maybe by next month I hope. Maybe by next year, my wife says.

This month the focus is on the MotoXcross Museum’s efforts to make restoring and maintaining a vintage MX bike easier. This month marks the start of a new feature we call "Ask the Expert". This feature allows readers to submit questions on repairing a bike or items of historical interest. By working with a variety of people within the vintage MX community the MotoXcross Museum will research and deliver an answer. The questions and answers will be posted in the technical forum section of the web page. Over the course of the next several issues, we will be highlighting the people who are helping provide this feature. Everyone is invited to check the unanswered questions to see if they can help.

The other area of focus this month is on the MotoXcross Museum’s library. The library has just purchased a large number of Can-Am and Honda operator, service and parts manuals. The title page for the manual and any pages inside with model identification data will be posted in the "Library" section of the web page. Readers wanting to gain more access to the documents in the library are asked to send an email with the details of the request. Of course, the information in the library is used to answer questions submitted to "Ask the Expert". This month the Can-AM manuals and a couple of Honda manuals will be posted. Next month the Model Identification Guide for Kawasaki motorcycles will be posted along with a variety of Maico, KTM, CZ, Suzuki and Yamaha manuals. The goal of the library is not only to preserve information but to also give the widest range of people the easiest access to the information. Stay tuned each month as more material is being purchased and added regularly.

Next month will be the Vintage West focus issue. Thanks to the efforts of Mike Tillman and Brad Lackey in bringing Jaroslav Falta and other notable CZ individuals to race at this years Vintage West event, the MotoXcross Museum has been given the opportunity to research some of the past Czechoslovakian and CZ involvement in motocross history. The articles planned include an interview with Jaroslav about the controversial 1974 World 250 Championship. In addition, those who think Czechoslovakia’s biggest role in motocross is due to CZ motorcycles are in for a surprise as we review Czech riders in both World and US events.

While I am talking about next month’s issue, I want to ask readers to please click on the subscribe button and subscribe. Subscribing will allow you to receive notification of updates to the web site. As well, in the future the monthly issues will be formatted and sent out as a newsletter instead of being web based. It is free to subscribe, so please do it today.

As always, we are very interested in feedback from our readers. We have received many comments and they are very motivating. That is it for this month. Enjoy your racing and time with fellow riders. Talk to you next month.

Thank you and keep it WFO.

Paul Parkinson

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