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"Welcome to the BasketCase 500. This is the first contest run by the MotoXmuseum and we are hopeful that everyone possible participates and enjoys the contest. The goals of the BasketCase 500 is to encourage people to restore a MX bike, get out to an event to share their enthusiasm for vintage MX, to expand the number of people enjoying vintage MX and to have fun. While it may be difficult to call a limited budget restoration an "real" restoration, we cannot emphasize enough the goal of fun. So when you are reviewing the rules of the contest and your participation please always remember this about fun first and foremost.

All the details on the BasketCase 500 and future updates are in the new section "BasketCase 500". However there are a number of unresolved aspects of the contest that I want to discuss and to ask for your input on. 

The first part of the contest that is not finalized is where and when to have the judging event. The MotoXmuseum is working with AHRMA to organize the final judging events. It has been suggested that the judging event could be held at one of the following events:

  • Daytona Motorcycle week, Daytona Florida, early March 2002.
  • Vintage West 2001, Sonoma CA, late April 2002.
  • Vintage Motorcycle Days, Mid-Ohio Ohio, Mid July 2002.
  • Last National MX Race of the Year, Hollister CA, Mid October 2001.

Please email us with your preference and a short explanation of why that is your choice. We at the MotoXmuseum understand North America is a large continent and it will be very difficult to pick a location that suits everyone, but we will try to have the event where the most people will participate. We are also interested in feedback about having a separate east and west event instead of one national event. This is probably a future event question unless there is over whelming support for a west and east coast event for this year.

The second part of the contest that is not yet set in stone, is the total dollar amount that you can spend on the whole project - initially the limit was to be 600 US dollars. However a number of early reviewers indicated that they could do wonders with that much money. Now these people may just be the best there is and so they may be able to do wonders with 600 dollars. But what about you. Again email us with your preference and explanation.

It is our goal to have all the rules and event details finalized by the beginning of December, 2001. We welcome feedback, questions or suggestions on any aspect of the BasketCase 500. Just send us an email.

If you are interested in keeping up-to-date with the development of the contest, please subscribe and we will email you. Subscribing will allow you to receive notification of updates to the web site.  

As always, we are very interested in your feedback. We continue to receive many favorable comments. Enjoy your racing and time with fellow riders. Talk to you next month.

Thank you and keep it WFO.

Paul Parkinson

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