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Welcome to the April edition of the MotoXcross Museum web site. We have renamed this section WFO. How ever you decode WFO (Wound Flat Out or what) it captures how we feel here. We have been were busy putting together the best possible web site for the vintage MX community. April’s edition lays the foundation for what we expect to deliver to the vintage MX community each month - quality information preserving our past and timely information to enjoy our present. Please note that we have switched to publishing using Abobe's PDF format. You must have the Acrobat Reader to view the articles. Instructions on getting the reader are in the "Articles" section

As long as I can remember, FOX Air Shox was the ultimate suspension piece for the serious racer. Just having a pair on your bike intimidated the others at the starting line and gave you a corner or two advantage. If you had FOX - you had to be good. The product's brand name was so good it was transferred to you as a rider. It is not surprising that when I decided to return to racing MX, the first bike I bought was a 78 Honda CR250 with FOX Air Shox. And I willingly admit, I bought the bike for the shocks. I don’t think anyone will dispute the role Bob Fox and his company’s products had on motocross in the later half of the 70s. We all learnt quickly in 74 how to modify frame geometry to obtain more travel, only to discover that a new and better breed of shocks were required to really make the new suspension design work. Bob Fox lead the way with new thinking and serious suspension products.

In honor of his contribution to motocross technology, the April issue of the web site is focused on Bob Fox and FOX Racing Shox products. We are pleased to have had the honor to interview Bob at his company’s headquarters in San Jose, California. The interview is part of our article detailing the history of FOX Racing Shox’s products and involvement in motocross. Read Article

Since the FOX Air Shox is in as much demand today as they were in the 70’s we have a "How To" article on rebuilding and setting up FOX Air Shoxs. As with all MotoXcross Museum technical articles we have covered the DIY and For Hire approach for rebuilding the shocks. Read Article

We have updated all of our sections. The "I WAS THERE" section includes some submissions from Bob Fox as well as other readers.

Again we ask for help in completing the table of contents for the "History of Motocross Motorcycles from 1970 to 1985". And a big thanks to those of you who have already help edit the entries in the table of contents.

And the answer is "no" for our repeat readers - you did not missing the March issue. We decided to adopt the standard print magazine publishing date format for the web site. That means that April’s issue was published at the middle of March and will remain until the middle of April, when May’s issue is published.

Thank you and keep it WFO.

Paul Parkinson

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