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Welcome to the February issue of the MotoXcross Museum web site. This marks the second month of the web site. (New visitors can review the earlier versions of the web via an archive link at the bottom of each section.) We would like to say a big thank you to all of the visitors that sent in feedback on the web site. And an apology to the AOL users who had trouble connecting to the web site. Your words are very encouraging!

As noted in the January issue of the web site we are working to make this web site a part of the vintage MX community. And so it is our great pleasure to introduce the "I WAS THERE" section. This section is designed to let everyone share and reminisce about days near and long past. After all, remininscing is part of the joy of vintage MX. Check out the "CAN YOU HELP" section for other ways to be involved with the web site.

We had hoped to launch the "Featured Reader's Bike" section for February. We still will but delays in getting the first bike photographed, etc will delay this to a mid month introduction. We think the delay will be worth the wait. And we are looking for March's feature bike now so email us if you are interested.

WOW are we learning what it takes to create and publish the content for the web site. Sadly we haven't made much progress on any of our project bikes. Now we know why many magazines tend to be be irregular in doing articles on projects. But racing season is coming and we will need something to take to the track. So look for a number of project updates in March. 

The Swap Meet is up and running. We will be submitting the site to all the search engines so we hope to improve traffic to the site and help sell or find that bike/part you need. Minor changes will be coming to help improve the section in February.

And as mentioned last month please check out the History Section. We are starting to put the book together and need your help.

There will be more content added to the web site as the month progresses. We seem to create content during the week and update the web site on the weekend. We will add a what's new section this month to help return visitors quickly get to the information that has been added.

For some the racing season has already started and for others it is still buried under snow. What ever situation you find yourself in, we would like to wish you all the best.

And my apology to Sweden for spelling Husqvarna wrong. How embarassing, especially for a man who owns one and dreams of more. Good thing nobody found my Maico spelling error.

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