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Welcome to the 2002 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days edition. The MotoXmuseum crew will be out in force at this years event. The judging for the BasketCase 500 will be held over the weekend so make sure you stop by the in field area and check out this years entries. Don't forget to vote for your favorite entry. The fan favorite voting is part of the judging for the overall winner of the BasketCase 500.

When you stop by the BasketCase 500 display please make sure you stay a little and say hi. We are always interested in hearing from our readers and fellow Vintage MX enthusiast. The new MX bike information database, which includes the motorcycles specifications, maintenance and service information will be available for viewing.

The MotoXmuseum has been in existance for over a year now. The first year has been very rewarding as well as challenging. The year did see us achieved a number of the milestones we set out to do. We have published Do It Yourself articles and reports on current events. The museum has also done research that will result in some excellent articles on MX history in the future.

A big acomplishment was having the museum's biography on Jim Pomeroy published in the April 2002 American Motorcyclist magazine. For readers who are not AMA members the MotoXmuseum's article on Jim Pomeroy has been reprinted in this years event guide. (The original was in the American Motorcyclist April 2002 issue) An expanded version will be published on the web site later this year. 

Our biggest disappointment of the year has been not having more time to publish the information gathered. However we continue undaunted with high aspirations for our second year. The second year will feature more effort put into publishing the information we already have. This issue marks the launch of a new online database of information on the MX bikes. The database has separate sections for the motorcycle''s specifications, maintenance data and service data.  The information is complete enough for a skilled mechanic to rebuild a Motocross motorcycle without any other manuals. The information has been taken from the MotoXMuseum's library of manuals, brochures and magazines.

One of the biggest enjoyments of the past year has been the assistance others within the MX community have given us. To actively acknowledge the assistance received from others the web site now has a "Thank You" section highlighting peoples contributions.

Until the next edition, thank you and keep it WFO.

Paul Parkinson

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