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Welcome to the 2002 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days edition. The MotoXmuseum crew will be out in force at this years event. The judging for the BasketCase 500 will be

Our biggest disappointment of the year has been not having more time to publish the information gathered. However we continue undaunted with high aspirations for our second year. The second year will feature more effort put into publishing the information we already have. This issue marks the launch of a new online database of information on the MX bikes. The database has separate sections for the motorcycle''s model data, maintenance data and service data.  The information is complete enough for a skilled mechanic to rebuild a Motocross motorcycle without any other manuals. The information has been taken from the library of manuals, brochures and magazines the MotoXmuseum has collected.

However we have decided not to just stop at putting a summary of the information on line. A major project has been started to create electronic versions of all the owners, service and parts manuals in the MotoXmuseum's library. The equipment has been purchased and a summer student hired to do the work. The initial manuals done have been very impressive. The electronic versions are not just the original version scanned. All the text is converted into actual editable text. This has allowed us to correct any mistakes or missing data. As well the complete document is index and you can jump from the table of contents to any information you are looking for. The complete document can be searched electronically which again makes finding the information you need very quick.

As you can imagine the creation of all this information and making it available on line does cost a considerable amount of money. SO starting this year we will start to actively solicit payment for electronic copies of the manuals. However unlike people selling manuals on eBay or other places the MotoXmuseum has decided to adopt the concept used in shareware computer software. The manuals can be downloaded and if you find it useful then you can contribute money to help the MotoXmuseum continue. CD-ROM versions or printed versions will also be available for very low costs for those who cannot download the large manual files.

One of the biggest enjoyments of the year has been the assistance others within the MX community have given us. Specifically I want to thank

Thank you and keep it WFO.

Paul Parkinson

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